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I am the Cold Man

This superb alt folk duo record an EP in the studio, which we subsequently mixed and mastered. Many interesting instruments were deployed!

Various Guises

Folk duo Various Guises recorded and mixed their EP at home, utilising some interesting household items! We mastered the EP in the studio with fantastic results.

Action For Children

Sheona from the charity 'Action For Children' wanted a recording of her daughter Louis and friend Hope singing and playing ukulele to accompany a fostering ad video.

Danny Sherwood Triage

Danny Sherwood recorded his debut EP at the Royal Opera House in London. He needed someone to mix the recordings of piano, vocals, violin and double bass.

Tom Hyatt

Tom recorded a live EP at Spiritual Bar in Camden featuring guitar, vocals, keys and cello. We then mixed and mastered the EP in the studio.

Joe Innes

Joe already had his album 'Foreign Domestic Policy' half done, but wanted to speed up the process. He came to the studio to record guitars, piano, wurlitzer and vocals.

Michael Garrett

Mike had done most of his EP with producer Ben Walker, but wanted to redo vocals. Ben was away on tour, so Mike came to the studio. We also mastered the finished product.

Daniel Ferguson

Dan is a regular at the studio, working on two albums of material. We've recorded an eclectic range of instruments, including bodhran, accordion and pedal steel guitar.

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