Steve Watson


Studio recording, overdubs, voice reels, mixing, mastering. Working from my studio in North London.

Available for sound engineering in venues and at festivals, full portable set up for live recording. 

Gigs, events, sessions and artist promotion via 'Before The Gold Rush' live music nights in London. 


The studio is located in Hornsey, close to the rail station. It is sufficiently equipped for recording vocals, guitars, piano and keys, light percussion, and any other instruments apart from drums. See below for the full list of gear available in the studio. I also mix and master in this studio. For full band recording, including drums, I can arrange to engineer sessions in a suitable studio with you. I currently work evenings/weekends. I trained extensively under producer and engineer Marcel Van Limbeek (Tori Amos, Seth Lakeman) and am certified from SSR London.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.




For live engineer bookings, or for live recording, please drop me a line and outline your needs and approximate budget.

I am experienced in live sound at small venues and festivals. I trained at Britannia Row Productions under FOH engineer Barry Bartlett and monitor engineer Marcel Van Limbeek.

Seeking a live recording? I have a portable setup to do it. Recording can be done on a split feed, or completely separately to the venue's sound system.

Check out Tom Hyatt's album 'Live At Spiritual', for an example of a live performance I recorded and subsequently mixed and mastered.



This superb alternative folk duo released their debut EP after visiting the studio and laying down a host of interesting instrumentation including piano, clarinet, accordion, and trumpet. The EP was also mixed and mastered in the studio.

I am the Cold Man



I have over five years experience of promoting bands and artists in London via 'Before The Gold Rush' live events. Want to play? Check out the site.

The Gold Rush has graced many venues including Borderline, St Pancras Old Church, The Slaughtered Lamb and The Harrison.


We also curate a stage annually at the Alexandra Palace Summer Festival, and regularly produce video sessions.


Call me on 07743860496

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